Organizing Corporate Events

Coordination. Entertainment. Personalized Services.

We plan, organize and implement unique corporate events. Our goal is to reflect on the status and the name of each company.

Our many years of experience, the attention we give to every detail, the highest standard and quality in our technological systems will guarantee your event will be a success.

At the same time our aesthetics, our unique ideas allow us to organize corporate events that fit perfectly with the profile of your company and the purpose of the event.

We at LOUD organize corporate events beyond your every expectation and will leave you and your guests with the greatest impressions.

Corporate Events That We Plan

We organize business events that will never be forgotten and will enhance the brand awareness of your company. Below you can see the type of business events we plan but also how we can organize your own special event.

From grand store openings to complete theme nights, Christmas and New Years Eve parties, we undertake the entertainment, the technical brillance, co-ordination and the production of any event.

  • Gala dinners
  • Cocktail parties
  • Corporate events
  • Conferences
  • Award ceremonies
  • Presentation of products
  • Themed parties
  • Christmas and New Years Eve parties
  • Grand store openings
  • Fashion Shows

Event Coordination

Planning. Organization. Implementation.


Our exclusive aim is to promote the dymanic of your company and to turn your event in one of the most interesting experience for your guests. Our multiannual experience and creativeness allows us to provide and create unique ideas for your event, and satisfy the most demanding customers.

Tell us your goal, your purpose and your budget for your event and leave everything up to us, we will advise you and present to you the right and unique ideas that will surpass your expectations.


Once you agree with our plan for your event, we will organize every detail for its success. Our experienced team who provide all the necessary qualifications for the organization of any corporate event, we have the skills, requirements and specifications.

Our company has the necessary means and the way to contribute actively and decisively to the successful organization of your corporate event and to fulfill all your expectations.


Our activity and advice does not stop until the smallest detail of the corporate design is successfully implemented. Our experienced team will be available throughout the entire event by supervising and coordinating the whole flow of the event in order to ensure that everything follows the time frame and the strict specifications that we have planned.

You simply can sit back and enjoy your event without stress, together with your guests.

What We Offer

Our high quality services are flexible, tailored to the needs and demands of each corporate event and above all express the philosophy and identity of your company. Very simply, we create personalized proposals that make each event unique and entertaining.


With absolute and perennial expertise in the world of entertainment of a corporate event, we design, organize and implement original ideas that are unimaginable.


The appropriate musical investment of your corporate event is one of the most basic conditions for its success. At LOUD we only work with top professionals and artists, we provide the musical coverage of the whole event:

  • with professional Dj’s and
  • live music (of all kinds)

Taking into consideration your preference and the style that you want to have for your corporate event, we present you a video with music suggestions and ideas that satisfy all your needs, with:

  • dynamic musicians with experienced saxophone soloists
  • enchanting melodies with the magical sound of a harp
  • romantic rhythms by talented violin solist
  • unique performances with orchestral compositions

Well established musical ensembles of all kinds:

  • Orchestras with traditional Greek & Pop music
  • Rock & Pop bands
  • Jazz & Swing groups
  • Latin bands

The variety and choices are many, that is why LOUD will propose and advise you the best possible for your corporate event. Together we will design a music proposal specially formulated for your event.

Dance groups

Impress your guests, offer them a one of a kind evening with lots of music and dance and make your corporate event one to remember!

Choose among the following:

  • Professional traditional dance groups
  • Sensual belly dancers
  • Tango, Latin & Brazilian dancers
  • Spontaneous aerial acrobatics (aerialist shows)
  • Impressive juggling shows
  • Free style choreographies
  • Fun pantomime

We plan together the ideal dance performance, supervise and coordinate the whole spectacle, as you, undisturbed, enjoying it with your guests.

The impressive choreographies, amazing dancers and the ideal music will give your guests a delightful experience. Indulge to the magic of dancing!

Sound Design

Our company plans to the smallest detail and technically implements the finest sound installation for your corporate event.

We take into consideration the venue that will host the event and create an acoustic plan with the location, the size of the space and the number of guests. On the basis of this study and according to the requirements and needs of the whole organization with leading audio technicians.

  • We place small regional and large loud speakers in the right places for sound distribution and absolute eliminate any noise pollution.
  • We take care of the audio and microphone facilities that are required and exempt the speeches of your speakers and the melodies of the musical form from microphones and parasites.

We use the most modern and cutting edge technology and we make sure the sound is crystal clear and the sound effects excellent.

You want the party of your corporate event to remain unforgettable? Rely on us!

Light Design

We create the ideal atmosphere for your corporate event with the most appropriate lighting. Based on the particular needs of each space whether its inside or outside, big or small and depending on the time and the place, we design and place the appropriate lighting installation to create :

  • enchanting scenes with alternating ornamental headlight illumination, WASH, RGB, Led bars, string lights e.t.c.
  • spectacular laser features
  • hidden lights for a romantic atmosphere
  • a luminaire print of your company logo
  • ideal scenery, colors with the most appropriate color combination and light intensity.

The main lighting and all lighting fixtures accompanying your corporate event will deliver the right messages and create the right feelings for your guests.

At LOUD we are always looking for new ways of illumination to pass on the dynamic experience of light. We have the right means and the necessary experience that allow us to create pioneering lighting ideas according to the style of your corporate event.

From design to installation, our experience in lighting will transform your corporate event and mesmerise your guests!


LOUD, pioneering the right and proper use of technology, fully covers the image needs of your corporate event with projective media such as:

  • projectors
  • all sizes in screens
  • impressive video wall
  • imposing led wall

Based on the venue of your corporate event, we plan to the smallest detail and undertake all the coordination of the above services. You simple enjoy the show with your guests.

Special Effects

Initiate and make your corporate event stand out even more with:

  • Spectacular laser shows
  • Fantastic firework shows
  • Impressive terrestrial firework fountains
  • Flamed monograms & logos
  • Enchanting atmosphere with smoke shows and dried ice
  • Unusual balloon displays
  • Colored rain or rose petals launching from a cannon

At the inauguration of your new store, decorate with balloons, garland and promote your logo. At your annual corporate party greet your guests with very impressive laser show, promoting your company logo, the company’s “moto”, the achievements and your future goals.

Make your guests feel special and impress them with special effects that will stand out and make it an unforgettable evening!

You want the party of your corporate event to remain unforgettable? Rely on us!

Event Photography & Promotional Activities

Do you want everyone to learn about your corporate event? LOUD in collaboration with leading and award winning photographers, captures photos of your event, your guests and your products. Upload professional photos from your corporate event on facebook and instagram and promote your business properly.

Furthermore, LOUD can take any promotional action of your business. Professional promoters, colorful ensembles with your company logo will be on the premises of your corporate event by promoting your business.

These companies trusted us with their events. You;

10 years Experience. Countless Corporate Events.

We contribute counseling and practice to the successful organization of your corporate event!

Events in a luxurious Villa

Make an impression on your guests by organizing your corporate event in a luxurious villa.

On a beautiful 5 acre land with a breathtaking view of Mount Olympus, Zeu’s throne overlooking the crystal bleu water. Make t an event to remember by:

  • the proper layout of the space with comfortable seats, stands, tables e.t.c.
  • preparing and serving delicious food for an absolute gastronomic experience
  • the installation of unique lighting to create the right atmosphere
  • the investment of the event with the ideal music by experienced dj’s and well established music bands of all types
  • the organization of music and dancing by professional dancers

You and your guests can enjoy delicious drinks and cocktails around the pool and taste savoring high quality dishes in the beautiful garden filled with lovely and exotic flowers. The magnificent view of Mount Olympus and the blue sea will be ideal for an unforgettable setting for your corporate event.

The detailed design, the perfect organization and the talent of our executives is a guarantee for the successful organization of your corporate event. Initiate and create the most impressive memories and experiences for you and your guests.

Tailor-made luxury services for events

Delight your guests and make them feel special with personalized luxury services.

From Lear Jet and limousine services for their transportation to the design and creation of special souvenirs, we enhance the company’s dynamism, reputation and power by offering to your distinguished guests ultra-high quality aesthetics.

LOUD in co-operation with the most prominent and experienced professionals transforms your corporate event into a luxurious affair that exceeds your every expectation.

We contribute counseling and practice to the successful organization of your corporate event!

With many years of experience, flawless organization and responsible for creating unique memories and unforgettable experiences for your guests.

You want the party of your corporate event to remain unforgettable? Rely on us!

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The high quality services LOUD Company offers due to its proficient and capable personnel, the cutting edge technology equipment and most of all the long valuable experience in the field, in conjunction with the impeccable cooperation with our clients, guarantee excellent results.

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